It is truely a blessing that God inspired our forefathers to draw up the Constitution enumerating our rights so that we would be free to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have listed each of the Articles as links below. To see a summary description of the Articles and Sections, click here. Sections that are gray and italicized are from the original text and have been superseded by subsequent amendments. You can click on the links below or use your browser's Back and Forward navigation icons.


Article I
Article II
Article III
Article IV
Article V
Article VI
Article VII

Original Amendments -- Bill of Rights

1st Amendment
2nd Amendment
3rd Amendment
4th Amendment
5th Amendment
6th Amendment
7th Amendment
8th Amendment
9th Amendment
10th Amendment

Other Amendments

11th Amendment
12th Amendment
13th Amendment
14th Amendment
15th Amendment
16th Amendment
17th Amendment
18th Amendment
19th Amendment
20th Amendment
21st Amendment
22d Amendment
23rd Amendment
24th Amendment
25th Amendment
26th Amendment
27th Amendment

The Constitution is Public Domain and can be copied freely.

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