Updated February 2014

A while back, I stumbled across this piece of news.

A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that "healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian" men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called "White Male Club."

“Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, a homosexual, an atheist or female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege,” reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

The manual, which was obtained by Fox News, also instructs troops to “support the leadership of people of color. Do this consistently, but not uncritically,” the manual states.

While I do not in any way want to minimize the great difficulties descendants of the African race had and still have in this country, I want to call out a loud and clear “mierda toro” (that’s Spanish) to the premise of this DEOMI manual.

Yes, I was born white, but should that be anything exceptional in a country where a majority of the citizens are European descendants?

Yes, I am college educated, am a Certified Public Accountant, and a former member of the 1% club in Mensa, but God is not impressed.  (“Thy wisdom and thy knowledge, it hath perverted thee”.  Isaiah 47:10).  None of this came to me as a gift, hand-out or special consideration because of any birth rights.

My descendants came from Germany,  Russia, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.  They were poor and worked the land to survive in the new world.  My dad did not finish high school beyond the 10th grade as he needed to work to support the family.  His mom lay dying with consumption (TB) and he was essentially raised by his older sisters.

My parents were at the lower end of the middle class and were able to afford their first track house through GI benefits because of my dad’s service in the Marines. They could not afford to put me through college, so I joined the US Navy at age 17 and began basic training just days after my 18th birthday.  I then used the GI Bill to help put me through college, plus I worked summer jobs, lived in cheap apartments with multiple roommates and studied hard.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I was also quite adept at partying at this juncture of my life).

I did not attend an Ivy League University, but rather opted for an in-state original land grant college, Colorado State University.  After college, I studied hard for the CPA exam and became “Certified” which opened up a whole realm of job opportunities.  (That was the intent!)

Today any and all blessings are the result of my attempt to obey the will of God for my life.  So, while I am not offended by the premise of this military training manual, I am not afraid to call out “mierda toro” when I see it.


I was born in Denver, Colorado in 1951 and raised in a religious home. My formative teenage years were during the 1960's and I allowed a spirit of rebellion to enter into my heart. This spirit mixed with religious doctrine and the bondage that comes with the law of Moses, made it hard for me to believe that God was even real. In the 1970's, I was in the U.S. Navy and then I attended college, eventually obtaining a Business Degree in Accounting from Colorado State University. After graduation, I became a Certified Public Accountant and held various jobs in the accounting profession, both public and corporate.

In 1983, my job transferred me to the Dallas area and in 1987, I ran into Jesus. The economy in the area was in a strong downturn and I was laid off from my job, which God used to humble me enough to get my attention. In 1988, I began to attend Water of Life church on a regular basis and God began to become real to me. After being laid off, I worked as a temporary accountant for 3 years, which allowed me the flexability to attend Water of Life Christian Training School. It was during this two year training program where the word of God was sown into my heart by the Holy Spirit, out of the heart and mouth of the apostle and prophet, Doyle Davidson.  The foundation of Jesus Christ and him crucified was laid in my heart.

In the 1990's, God has led me to have home bible studies and to become a volunteer chaplain at the Dallas County jails. He is now leading me and others at Water of Life to bear fruit from the Word of God that was sown in our hearts by using the World Wide Web portion of the Internet. It is both a blessing and an honor to be chosen by the Father to share with others what he has worked in my heart by His Spirit. I pray that this site ministers to you as much as putting it together in obedience to God, has ministered to me.